Malakoff Studio


Malakoff Studio has been created by 3 friends : Stéphane de Rocquigny, Laurent Chassaigne, Gadou Naudin and a finacial Philippe de Gélis, who are for the thirs first passionate by sound, cinema and TV shows. They purpose their services, mixing for Stephane and Laurent and foley for Gadou. Rosen de Gouvello, head of company, is in the adventure since the begining.

In 2004 they open the first foley and post-synchro studio, named Studio A. This is a revolutionary studio by its conception in multi-rooms, its mic park and multi images park.

Studio B seen the light in 2006, it is mixing auditorium with a DFC desk. Its big brother, Studio C has appears in 2009, bigger, spacier with day light. It offers comfort for mixers, editors and clients. It had a DFC Gemini’s desk.

Finally, Studio D was born in 2012. Placed near our principal locals, it had the same concept as the Studio A in twice bigger. A rest room, a huge reserve of materials and accessories for the foley artists are available.

7 sound editing rooms are also available, made like reel studios : acoustic, soundproofing, air-conditioning, day light and of course a rest room.

Our manager, Jean Baptiste and his assistant, Arthur and Romain, are also available for our client to welcome them and for technical operation.

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